Whitelisted survivors

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Whitelisted survivors

Post  Admin on Sun May 19, 2013 8:52 pm

Dedicated whitelisted survivors, these players can login even if the server lock is on, or after a hacker lockdown:

BIOCHEM1STRY, Gilbêrt Dumont, 17-02-1982, Netherlands

Maxhaas, Marco Baldari, 27-04-1984, Belgium

Franklington, Ian Rogers, 00-00-1973, United Kingdom

Wepif, Andrew Elliott, 00-00-1973, United Kingdom

Sodoka, Bjorn Merx, 26-02-1985, Netherlands

Xcting, Peter Hermans, 21-01-1985, Netherlands

Crazymee, Collin Borgans, 02-11-1985, Netherlands

Kiweh, Kieran Hand, 00-00-1994, United Kingdom

Scarby, Adam Scarborough, 00-00-1987, United Kingdom

Eccles, James Harvey, 12-09-1987, United Kingdom

Benny, Benny van Hooreweghe, 23-09-1983, Belgium


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